About Hoodoo Hippy


My name is Sha'Mira and Hoodoo Hippy came out of the evolution of my spiritual journey. 

As a small child, I was what my grandmother called "gifted". Living and communicating with spirits was my normal. I grew up Baptist, but was no stranger to African American folk magick, with both Hoodoo and Louisiana Voodoo prevalent in my upbringing. As a young adult in the midst of personal conflict and transition, my intuitive and spiritual abilities waned. It wasn’t until after the death of my grandmother in 2013 that I experienced a strong resurgence and spiritual call to action. After deep meditation, studying my grandmother's prayer books, and developing my own practice, my channels fully opened again and I chose to follow my calling through this outlet. 

As a modern Hoodoo practitioner, magickal self-care and employing rootwork for everyday needs is at the forefront of my life. My spiritual supplies on this site are naturally conjured remedies for health, beauty, and practical life ailments. I employ the Bible (particularly The Book of Psalms), homeopathy, and intuition in my ritual work and products. I am a spiritualist, hoping to teach and empower others to tap into their God-given gifts.  

Hoodoo Hippy is urban, holistic, and committed to magick, inside and out.