What are Spiritual soaps, herbal bath bombs, and incense used for?

Spiritual soaps are specially made to cleanse and manifest particular magickal properties. They are often used in ritual work. Based on intention these soaps aid in dealing with everyday problems that are of spiritual concern. Hoodoo Hippy spiritual soaps are handmade in my grandmother's hoodoo tradition using an all natural soap base, herbs, essential oil, and magick. Each soap is made in ritual and takes on the power of the herbs and oils used to create it. Please keep in mind that I have switched to larger soap molds from the photos. Same magick, different aesthetics and bigger bar. :-) 

Herbal sacred baths have been used for centuries across cultures to bring us closer to the spiritual world and promote healing of different types. Hoodoo Hippy's herbal bath bombs incorporate aromatherapy and herbs to advocate the connection between body and spirit. The bombs are organic and we recommend using them intentionally in ritual to cleanse your aura. More bombs will be added soon.

Incense have many uses in ceremony, meditation, and aesthetic. Hoodoo Hippy's incense are made to change and shift the energy of a room or person. 

Is Hoodoo evil?

Hoodoo is not outwardly evil and employs The Book of Psalms in conjure work. God assists all root workers, conjurers, healers, etc. in their works. Hoodoo is a very practical magickal system that blends African, Native American, European, and Jewish magickal tradition. It is primarily a healing practice, however, there are some dark works performed in the name of Hoodoo such as hexing and cursing. It is a complex and empowering practice that should not be dismissed as evil. 

I grew up around and was taught Hoodoo by my grandmother and great grandmother, both southern Baptist Christians. I believe all God's prophets did conjure work.  

Do you cast spells?

I do perform rootwork for others using herbs, roots, potions, and spells to help and occasionally cause harm, depending on the work needed.

I can also provide guidance and counsel those interested in performing a specific ritual themselves, depending on the desire. Please see the Conjure and Rootwork Inquires page for further information. Rates are typically set by blessing, curse, or consultation. 

How long does it take for orders to ship?

It usually takes 2-5 business days to ship orders. You will receive tracking information as soon as your order is shipped.

What is the refund policy?

Hoodoo Hippy does honor refunds or exchanges for special circumstances such as damaged items and incorrect orders on ritual supplies.



*Please keep in mind that Hoodoo Hippy's spiritual goods are made from natural ingredients. They should be used within 1-2 months of purchase as to benefit from their full effect*