Spiritual Soaps

Spiritual Soaps


Hand-made and organic. Made with a vegetable glycerin base. 6 oz.

Read below for information and uses.

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Power and Manifestation- Made with patchouli herbs and sage oil. Patchouli is used for materializing wishes, especially with money. Sage is associated with protection and the granting of wishes.

Love and Sensuality- Made with rose buds and rose oil. Rose is known to bring good luck in love affairs.

Peace of mind, body, and soul- Made with eucalyptus herb and cardamom pod oil. Eucalyptus heals regrets, worries, and mental exhaustion. Cardamom pod relaxes the body and clarifies the mind.

Purification and Meditation- Made with chamomile flowers and vanilla oil. Chamomile is known for purification, calming, and protection particularly against psychic attack. Vanilla is used for consoling, soothing, and vitalizes energy. Also known to strengthen mental abilities.

Spiritual Power- Made with calendula (marigold) flowers and almond oil. Calendula is for protection, especially among legal issues. Almond oil invokes the healing and protection energies of deities.

Uncrossing and Protection- Made with lavender buds and lavender oil. Lavender protects from bad spirits and negativity.

Encourage Expression- Made with lemongrass and citronella oil.  Lemongrass, a cleansing herb, clears up any obstacles standing in your way. Citronella encourages a clearing of the mind and aids in uplifting ones voice and presence. This soap can also be used as a natural insect repellent, especially for small kids and those with sensitive skin.  

Reinvigorate and Refresh- Made with elder flowers and orange oil. Elder flowers often represent beginnings and endings, aiding in transformation. Orange regenerates the spirit and soul. This soap is great for early morning ritual.